"Amy Chaffee is a veritable godsend. I got an audition to play my first starring role in a sitcom, and my crazy character was supposed to be a Korean immigrant who is a wannabe (but terrible) actress. She gets an acting job playing a character who is a Scottish barmaid, but she does an awful Scottish accent. I read the script, and it was hilarious, but I had NO IDEA how to mix a flawless Korean accent with a bad Scottish accent! So I called my dear friend Amy Chaffee, knowing that she's one of the smartest people I know, and that she had the reputation of being a spectacular dialect coach. She worked with me via Skype, and in just one hour we had gone over the entire script with a fine tooth comb, creating the musical counterpoint of this bizarre juxtaposition. We laughed throughout the process, and it was a joyful and fascinating experience. Not only did I end up booking and shooting the role, the network put me on the Emmy nomination ballot for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series! Thank you, Amy Chaffee, for your brains, your wisdom, your guidance, your wit, your kindness, and your intuition. You are a magnificent coach, and any actor would be blessed beyond the beyond to work with you!"

Suzanne Whang
Actor, TV Host, Comedian, Keynote Speaker, Activist, Author, Minister
"Quite simply, Amy not only changed the way I act but she changed the way I think as an actor. As a coach Amy has the ability to reach into you and pull out the essential strands that connect actor to place to character to emotion, and she does it with ease. Whenever I think a role is too hard or too challenging, especially with the classics, over and over she has been my savior. If you revere acting as a craft of human connection that deserves your heart and soul Amy is your woman. "

Sally Greenland
Actress, Producer, Writer, PhD Candidate in International/World History at Columbia University
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